Employment Law

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With Employment Law Issues

Employers and employees have important rights under the law. Sometimes those rights are created by contract. Sometimes those rights are created by statute and other law.  

We understand those rights. We provide the legal consulting and litigation services required to explain and, when needed, to enforce such rights in court.

We provide services involving contract formation and interpretation, whether a matter involves an employment contract, non-compete contract, confidentiality agreement, or other employment-related contract.  

We provide services to legally enforce a contract or, conversely, defend against a claim of breach of contract.

We are experienced in providing sound legal services to employers and employees in claims of unlawful employment discrimination and unemployment insurance claims.

Providing quality legal services to our clients is at the foundation of our practice. When you hire our law firm, you can be assured that your calls will be returned promptly and that you will always be kept informed regarding the progress on your case.

Complete Legal Services Regarding Employment Laws

  • Discrimination claims
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compete agreements
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